Custom quilting

Custom quilting uses many different techniques to achieve your quilting design. I like to use rulers or templates to quilt, however quilting stencils or grid quilting can also be used.  Custom quilting can be combined with background fillers to achieve the look that best enhances your quilt.  Custom quilting starts at 3.5 cents a square inch.  Minimum charge is $100.00. Multiply length by width by .035 (72 X 65 X .035 =163.80)

Your quilt is a labor of love and the quilting should add to the overall design. All quilting is hand guided with an Innova 22" long arm. There are many designs that can be used to finish your quilt, from edge to edge or background fillers to custom quilting.  Look at the designs below or contact me by email so we can decide what is best for your quilt. 

Other services

In order to give you the best product possible, your quilt top and back should be pressed.  Wrinkles cannot be quilted out and will pucker. Pressing services are $10.00 per hour.

 Borders should lay flat and two sides should be the same length. If one side is longer than the opposite side, your quilt will not lay flat. If you are not sure how to add borders, please see my page on adding borders located on the "How do I?" page.

Preparing your quilt for quilting on a long arm

The back and the front of the quilt are loaded onto the long arm individually.  The backing must be 6" larger all around so I have enough room to clamp the back to the quilt frame.  If your quilt front is 90" X 90", the back must be 96" X 96"minimum. There are some very lovely wide backings that make choosing a quilt back easy. Check your local quilt shop for wide backings.  There are several online quilt shops that carry wide backing. If your back is short, I will sew on muslin strips to the correct size. Minimum charge is $15.00

Edge to Edge

Edge to edge quilting is the most economical quilting design.  This is an all-over design that quilts from left to right and top to bottom. It is also  known as background quilting or background fillers. There are many designs that can be used.  If you have an idea of what design you want, please let me know. Edge to Edge quilting starts at 2 cents a square inch. Minimum charge is $50.00. Multiply length by width by .02 (72 X 65 X .02 = 93.60) 

Services and Prices

curved crosshatching

Various Background fillers for blocks

Quality Backing and Batting are also available, or you can provide your own. Please make sure that the backing is at least 6 inches wider and longer than the quilt top.  Quilt back should be pressed and square. If your quilt is mostly a dark color, consider using a black batt. 

Pumpkin Seed


Binding can be sewn to your quilt three ways. 

Machine sewn on front, hand sewn on back 0.35 a linear inch

Machine sewn on front and back 0.25 an inch

Machine sewn on front, you hand sew 0.20 an inch

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