Repeat for the other side, making adjustments if needed. 

Measure your top from side to side, including the borders.  If the top is large, measure in three places.  If they differ by more than 1", adjust so they match. 

If your top is large, measure in three places, middle and 4" in from each side.  If the three measurements differ by more than 1", you will need to trim your top so the measurements are more equal.  

Whatever your measurement is, that is the size you want to cut your border strip.  Cut both sides the same length. What if one side is longer than the other? I will explain how to sew the borders on so the top and borders match.

I cut the borders 25" long by 3" wide.  Fold the border strips in half, then in quarters.  Press the half and quarter marks. Repeat for the quilt top. 

If your border is larger than the top, you can stretch the top to fit the border, or stretch the border to fit the top. You will be sewing from pin to pin to the adjustment will only need to be between each pin. 

Have you ever added the borders to a quilt top and found the borders to be wavy? This is because the borders are not the same length as the sides of the quilt. To lay flat, they must be the same size.  Sometimes your quilt top will have two sides that are not quite the same length. No worries, you can still make the borders lay flat.  

What you DO NOT want to do is cut a strip of fabric longer than the side, start sewing at one end and cut off the excess. That will guarantee wavy borders!

First, measure your quilt top through the center of the top.  The best way is to lay your top flat, smoothing out the top. Use a tape measure, measure the top.

How do I add borders to my quilt top so my quilt lays flat?

Cut your borders the exact length you measured and fold at the half and quarters of both the borders and the top.  Match the center and quarter marks and sew.  If you need to adjust to match the top and border, follow the instructions above.  

Press the seams toward the border.  Make sure the quilt top is pressed so the seams lay flat.

There is a gap between two pins. Sew to the pin, and stretch the quilt top until the border and top matches and finish sewing. 

Pin your borders to the quilt top, matching the center and quarter marks. 

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